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Sourced from CRED iQ, Reported on August 13th 2021.


Delinquency and Special Servicing Trends

This chart from our friends at CRED iQ is based on all delinquent loans (DQ) in the conduit and SBLL universe (specially serviced and non specially serviced) as well as all specially serviced loans (SS) in the conduit and SBLL universe (current, delinquent and REO). The DQ+SS trend ensures no loans are double counted between being delinquent and in special servicing. To see more charts from CRED iQ, holler at us!

Delinquency and Special Servicing Trends

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About CRED iQ

CRED iQ has built a powerful CRE data, analytics, and valuation platform that helps brokers, lenders, and investors find opportunities and make smarter decisions.


CRED iQ's data spans every market and every property type. Customers can search maturing loans, expiring leases, quarterly and annual financial statements, delinquent loans, newly issued loans, foreclosures, and REO. They also maintain borrower and ownership contact info.


Updated every month, CRED iQ tracks over $910 billion of CRE Loan & Property Info. Easily search and find opportunities by slicing and dicing 115,000 properties. CRED iQ also offers API subscriptions for tighter integration with your technology stack.


Interactive valuation software allows users to quickly and easily compute real-time valuations using 20+ key assumptions fully supported by rent, expense, and cap rate comps. CRED iQ offers a Valuation API for streamlined and accurate portfolio valuations.

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