July 2022 Contest: Geospatial and Zoom

July 1st, 2022


Pick your favorite map tool (CRED iQ, CREXI, Zillow, Maptables, Viewpoint, BatchGeo) and zoom the map in and out.

Zoomed Out Map - CRED iQ

Usually the visuals rendered on a map are optimized for a few zoom levels and not optimized for other zoom levels. There are commonly 12 zoom levels that a user may traverse depending on the level of aggregation they are interested in. Anywhere from a city block to a zip code to a county to a state to a country.

The Contest

Re-imagine a sequence of zoom level specific visualizations that may offer the user value as they zoom in and out. You can choose any data to illustrate your point of view. The key is that the visualizations should play well with their zoom levels.

Submission deadline is Aug 1st.

Email submissions to zac@foodtruck.ai.

Submissions will be judged based on how well the visualizations at each zoom level tell a story.

Submissions do not have to include working code - static visualizations or video demos are fine.


Winner’s of the July 2022 challenge will receive:

  • $200 gift card
  • Data T-shirt
  • Project featured on Foodtruck website and/or chartuterie.org (requires working code) along with circulation amongst industry firms.

Getting Started

  • Download the sample CRE dataset.
  • Pick one or two columns to visualize. Two good columns to start with are propertyTypeCode and mostRecentValuationAmount\mostRecentValuationDate.
  • Feel free to modify the data if you need to allow your visualization to illustrate your point.
  • The Data Catalog has descriptions for each column.
  • If you do zip code or state level visualizations you won't need geocodes but if you want to geocode individual properties you can run the dataset through Geocode.io.
  • Email zac@foodtruck.ai if you have any questions or would like more information.


Our Promise

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