About Us is a data literacy platform first, a data catalog second, and your wingman to achieving outcomes with data at all times.

Our mission is to describe the world around us. So many analytics projects are angling to explain. Attempting explanations is for Subject Matter Experts and At Risk Stakeholders - so we will leave that part to you!

We try to provide useful and re-usable stock charts that you are free to explore and use in your work. These charts are created from free, open datasets, and we make best effort to pass along attribution and license information for each chart.

Most charts on this site should be exportable in a variety of common formats (svg, png, jpeg, gif). Our hope is that you can re-use these stock charts in powerpoint presentations, emails, blogs, etc. We are not providing access to the underlying datasets at this time, but we will point you to them.

We want to hear from you! If you think one of our charts is wrong or want to request a new chart or an alternative export format, let us know.


What can I do with the charts on this site?

You can peek at them to answer a quick question you have or for quick confirmation. You can download them and re-use them in any way you want (email, blog, newsletter, powerpoint presentation, document, etc). You can use them to check against your own charts. Lastly maybe you can get ideas for other types of data visualizations and\or data sources that you want to learn or use in the future.

Can I search for different charts?

We don't have a search bar yet, for now Google is our search bar. We are adding more charts every day and once we have added 5000 charts we will put up a simple search bar. Sadly we probably do not have the chart you are looking for at this exact moment but tell us about it and we will make sure it happens.

What format are your charts when I download them?

Right now most of them are available as SVG format which is very flexible if you want to resize. Over time we will add the most common image formats (png, jpeg, gif, etc).

What if I don't like the colors of a chart?

We are working on that, but in the meantime open to suggestions for additional color pallettes!

Why does exist?

A few reasons. We enjoy connecting consumers of data to producers of data. We believe data should be more accessible in our target industries (Capital Markets, ESG, Venture and CRE) and that folks should compete on what they do with data, not access to data. is a vehicle to explore and engage around some out of the box ideas and techniques a few of which might work while many others won't. Lastly, everything on the internet is a funnel and this site may unlock opportunities to build custom data pipelines for firms with very specific ambitions.

How can I contribute? is calling for partners and collaborators of all kinds (creators, consumers, etc). We are working on a new page that outlines all the ways; stay tuned!

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