Not going to lie to you...
This is the Dark Ages of Data

We need to start putting our data to work - like capital. will accelerate your journey to extract value from data. And it starts with getting organized.

Pain Points
Data is complex

  • Data Lakes

    The last three years trying to move all your data into that shiny new data lake hasn't produced anything yet.
    • Dashboards

      Can you find your dashboards? Do they answer your questions?
      • Governance

        Your data governance program is more concerned with locking everything down than empowering people.

        Putting data to work

        The tools are not the problem. It's how you use them. These are some of our initiatives powered by operationalized data catalogs.

        Data Discovery
        CMBS Data Catalog

        Systematically collecting and publishing metadata on free and open datasets from Edgar database related to CMBS and CRE.

        Data Literacy

        Providing useful and re-usable charts that you are free to explore and use in your work. Created from free, open datasets.

        Data is valuable when combined with other data

        Metadata is the key to unlocking value via harmonization
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          Descriptive Metadata

          Information describing a dataset, like table names and descriptions, column types, etc.
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          Structural Metadata

          Information related to the structure of a dataset like sort order, relationships and keys.
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          Preservation Metadata

          Information needed to preserve or restore a dataset like scope and frequency of updates and audit history.
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          Provenance Metadata

          Information about how a dataset has changed over time such as versioning and duplication tracking.
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          Usage Metadata

          Information about how data is being used such as who is querying which views.
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          Administrative Metadata

          Information needed to know how to administer a dataset such as rules and restrictions, compliance, etc.

        Stat List
        Be the master of your own metadata

        Data in motion generates metadata. We facilitate the ruthless and pragmatic collection of metadata - for *your* data catalog.
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          Bits of Metadata

        Testimonial List
        Used by the world's most innovative teams

        • Building a data catalog has revolutionized the entire Capital Markets Data strategy. Managing numerous historical economic datasets is effortless. It has fundamentally increased the productivity of not only myself but my Macro data loving patrons.

          Steven Sabol,
        • Foodtruck is a great source for finding unique and interesting open data sets. It's simple visualizations, handy APIs and client-centric approach makes it one of our go-to-site for open source data research.

          Sebastian Hoepfner,

        Our Promise

        We believe that every person should have access to the resources necessary to improve their mastery of data analytics. By making data discoverable and accessible we will accelerate your journey to extract value from data.